Mini Mode Converter – 100/1000Base Dual SFP + Multimode & Singlemode SFP – by Advance®

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Mini mode converters are used to change the fibre mode, and cable type, between two points in an Ethernet local area networks (LAN). Optical signals used in fibre optic based networks vary according to the type of fibre being used, and the distance the signal is sent. Multimode cables typically use a 850nm wavelength and singlemode cables typically use 1310nm for short and medium links, and 1550nm for longer links. Optical networks are able to transmit their signals further, faster and are immune to interference from outside sources such as mains electric cables.

The Advance Dual SFP Mode Converter is a compact, unmanaged converter ideally suited to any fibre application. It features dual 100/1000Base-X SFP slots that accept any Advance brand 100Mb or Gigabit SFP module including single fibre bi-directional, CWDM and DWDM modules. The modules can paired up in any combination of mode, such as multimode to singlemode, singlemode 1310nm to 1550nm, multimode to singlemode CWDM etc. Note that the converter does not convert speed, so modules need to be matched 100Mb to 100Mb or Gigabit to Gigabit.

The Advance Dual SFP Mode Converter has a standard 5V power input and is supplied with a UK mains power supply. This mode converter is supplied bundled with a multimode 850nm (550m) Gigabit SFP module and a singlemode 1310nm (10km) Gigabit SFP module. Please contact us if you require alternative combinations of SFP modules.

How this product works:

Additional information

Weight (excluding PSU) 165 g
Dimensions (excluding PSU) 9.0 × 6.0 × 2.0 cm
Fibre Port Type

Gigabit SFP

Fibre Port Speed


Fibre Cable Requirement

Multimode OM1, OM2 or better

Fibre Maximum Distance


Fibre Port 2 Type

Gigabit SFP

Fibre Port 2 Speed


Fibre 2 Cable Requirement

Singlemode OS1 or better

Fibre 2 Maximum Distance


Power Input



Product Specification Sheet – Download: A-MC-S-111-SFP (Opens in a new tab)

Product User Guide – Download: A-MC-S-111-SFP User Guide (Opens in a new tab)


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